FREE Preview of 'Good Time Suicide'​!​!

by The Peoples Blues of Richmond



released August 24, 2013

Recorded and Engineered by Adrian Olsen at Montrose Studios, RVA



all rights reserved


The Peoples Blues of Richmond Richmond, Virginia

People's Blues of Richmond brings a carnival-like mayhem to their dark, blues-infused psychedelia. Their new album, Good Time Suicide, is a study in excess, brimming with ballads of drugs, vice and murder that sonically recall early Led Zeppelin, only weirder and with a modern sheen. ... more


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Track Name: Hard-On Blues
People can't ya see, you know I wish I'd done her better
And I know she'd still call me if her mother'd only let her
I wish that she'd discover my heart the way I sent it
When I told her that I loved her, I genuinely meant it.

She swears she'll never leave me and she doesn't care about the past
She screams, ' Hold on sweetie! Nice guys always finish last! '
I try to be a gentleman, I try not to be the aggressor
But when baby's right in front of me, begging me to undress her...
She smokes grass, I don't mind, she's a sucker for a sonnet,
I stay drunk most of the time but I swear I'm workin' on it!

You've got ahold of my hair, girl, give me that stare
Ain't no need to explain it with your lips
You've got your arms around my neck
You've got the wall against your back
You've got your legs locked around my hips
Come on, gimme a kiss, destroy all this bliss
We're as young as we're ever gonna get
Then Oh! Oh! Oh! Go, go, go, climax! Have a pillow, girl, relax
Let me light your little cigarette.

Hey, hey, I can see when you're ready to leave
I'm a little drunk baby but I ain't dumb
And I can tell just as easily when you're aiming to please me
Bring me whiskey when you want me to come!
Track Name: Free Will
Free Will is a dream
Fate is tattooed on our backs
We've never even made a choice
All we've ever had is sweet Determinism.

Sometimes you may feel surprised,
Sometime you might even start to feel free
But it's just all the effects and causes adding up
to everything that had to be.

No bra on her tits
Her tongue tucked in her cheek
And a short black skirt with nothing underneath
But sweet Feminism.

Sometimes she may seem intimidating
Sometimes you might even start to feel uneasy
But it's just your conventions and norms, your societal scorns
towards her natural born identity. (You're no help at all, let her be!)

I'm glad to be unhappy again
Discontentment is relief
I have a confession, I loved my depression and I missed my misery
All that sweet Pessimism.

Sometimes you may feel alright
Sometimes you might even start to think positively
But the clouds and rain are coming back 'round again
all your mountain peaks are surrounded by valleys.
Track Name: Cocaine Powder
I'm so strung out I cannot sleep
I crack my neck and grind my teeth
I'm starving but I cannot eat
And my mood is growing sour.

I'm so stressed out I can hardly breathe
I'm tired and I can't believe
I'm still awake I need relief
Or at least some cocaine powder.

Hit the gas, kick up a gear
Is anyone else awake in here?
My mind has never felt so clear
and never so empowered.
Well alcohol is so widespread
Marijuana dulls my head
I never wanna go to bed
Gimme cocaine powder, La da da....

A key bump in the bathroom stall
A little line or a whole eight-ball
It's all cut with children's Tylenol
It all tastes like gasoline and flowers.

I know it's hard to understand
I'm more a monster, now, than a man
I almost joined the Ku Klux Klan
I thought they said 'White Powder'.

Hit the gas, kick up a gear
Is anyone else awake in here?
My mind has never felt so clear
And never so empowered.

Alcohol is such a drag
Marijuana is a waste of bags
I always find I wish I'd had
some fucking cocaine powder, La da da

Another hour passed me by
I'm as low, now, as I just was high
Seven sleepless nights make one weak mind, and, god, I need a shower.

I'm so ashamed of what I've done
I have insufflated all my funds
Twenty Twenties through a rolled up One, filled with cocaine powder, La da da...
Track Name: Bad Railroad
My mother told me, my father told me too,
I shouldn't be here trying to sing to you, singin' these bad railroad blues.
I tried to explain that I wasn't so bad
but I killed my mother, I put a bullet in my dad, oh bad, bad railroad blues.

Now I'm sittin' here singing these railer's, jailer's blues
In these dirty pants and these worn out shoes but I'll get loose.
(You won't keep me here very long, I'll be free again someday, you'll see again someday, I'll come back for you.)

Now I've got me a pistol about as long as my arm.
I'm gonna kill any man who's ever done me any harm.
She's a .38 Special set on a .45 frame.
How could I miss you motherfucker? I got such good motherfuckin' aim
and such bad, bad railroad blues.

Oh, honey, honey, honey, did you take me for your fool?
Did you think I wasn't leavin' here once the weather got cool?
I'm gonna drink my whiskey, I'm gonna drink it in the wind,
My doctor said it'd kill me but he didn't specify when.
Oh, bad railroad blues.
Track Name: Go Home!
I've changed, I've changed
I've come a long, long way
I've been clean and sover now for a month and a day
I got myself a job,
and my rent is even paid; but wait.
I cannot maintain.

Burn, burn, burn,
I wanna learn to unlearn,
I wanna go out to the point of no return
You go home
I'll go out you; you go home.

I'm saved, I'm saved,
I've learned to behave,
No more dark thoughts about an early grave
I've learned to live my life like an obediant little slave;
but wait.
I cannot maintain.

Self-destruction and ambition
trade blows inside of my cognition
I'm a man on a most miserable mission
For virtue and vice have blurred my vision; go home.
I can't see you, go home.
I can't hear you, go home.
I don't need you, go home!

I'm fine, I'm fine,
No really, I'm great
I'm okay now it was just all that,
All that acid I ate!
Well denial goes miles for a man in my sad state;
but wait.
I cannot maintain. No!
Track Name: Motherfucker/ (...??)
Jesus Christ! I must look like a sucker,
My gal's runnin' round with some other motherfucker.
That son of a bitch has sure got a lot of nerve.

I drive fast every time I get the chance,
And I'd teach the devil how to dance
If he'd teach me how to get what I deserve.

The devil showed up one Christmas night,
I was out on Broad Street underneath the traffic light,
He said, 'How'd you like a drink, son, Or maybe a bite to eat?

I said, 'I ain't hungry, but I could go
For somethin' to ease my pain, ya know?
My gal, she just ran out on me.'

The devil said, 'When I get down I like to have me a thrill
But if I were to drive us around now, I fear we'd be killed.'
So he handed me a bottle of bourbon and his car keys.

He said 'You close your eyes now around this next turn,
And I'll get you that little girl that you THINK you deserve
Or I'll end your silly blues singing misery.'
Track Name: Nihilist
Nothing is sacred, and Nothing is free
Nothing is sacred, and Nothing is free
There ain't nothing wrong with nothing being wrong with me.

I ain't no poet but you ain't no muse
I ain't no poet but you ain't no muse
You've got your beliefs, I've got my Nihilist blues.

Grab me a beer, baby, and tighten up my noose.
Grab me a beer, baby, and tighten up my noose.
When all you got is Nothing, what else have you got to lose?

I ain't no poet but you ain't no muse
I ain't no poet but you ain't no muse
You've got your guilt, I've got my Nihilist blues.

Zero is my number, my color is black
Zero is my number, my color is black
I don't know how I got here but I bet I'll never be back.

I ain't no poet but you ain't no muse
I ain't no poet but you ain't no muse
You've got your guilt, I've got my Nihilist blues.